Washington County, Nebraska

County Offices


The Treasurer's duties include:

  • Collection of real estate and personal taxes
  • Taxes may now be paid on-line at www.nto.us
  • Collection of special assessments
  • Collection of inheritance tax
  • Issue drivers licenses
  • Motor vehicle titling
  • Motor vehicle licensing
  • Collection of motor vehicle sales tax
  • Mail renewal notices for motor vehicle licensing
  • Mail annual real estate & personal property tax statements
  • Advertise delinquent taxes yearly
  • Issue distress warrants (for delinquent personal taxes) to county sheriff for collection
  • Issue tax sales on delinquent real estate taxes
  • Issue treasurer's deeds on matured tax sales
  • Publish semi-annual disbursements & collections
  • Distribution of all collections
  • Disbursement of collections
  • Investment of cash on hand
  • Give estimates on motor vehicle licensing
  • Tax searches for loan companies

Marjorie S. Hoier
P.O. Box 348
Blair, NE  68008
(402) 426-6888
Fax: (402)426-6880
Email:  treasurer@washingtoncountyne.gov


Real Estate and Personal Property Taxes:  (402) 426-6888
Driver's License:  (402) 426-6888
Motor Vehicle:  (402) 426-6888

Informational Materials Available

  • Specialty license plate applications

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