Washington County, Nebraska

County Offices

Planning & Zoning Administrator

The County Planning Department consists of four full-time employees:

  1. Planning Administrator
  2. Planning Administrative Assistant
  3. Building Inspector
  4. Office Administrative Assistant

Census information is available through the Metropolitan Area Planning Agency (MAPA) at www.mapacog.org

Chris Shewchuk, Planning & Zoning Administrator
Email:  c.shewchuk@washingtoncountyne.gov

Darren Dageforde, Building Inspector (permits & inspections)
Email:  planning@washingtoncountyne.gov

1555 Colfax Street
Blair, NE  68008
(402) 426-6872
Fax:  (402) 426-6843

Planning Commission

MATT MATHIESEN, Chairman m.mathiesen@washingtoncountyne.gov
MICHAEL R. SMITH, Vice-Chair m.smith@washingtoncountyne.gov
GARY LAMBRECHT g.lambrecht@washingtoncountyne.gov
GREG HOEGERMEYER g.hoegermeyer@washingtoncountyne.gov
KEVIN HARTZELL k.hartzell@washingtoncountyne.gov
DAVID TAYLOR d.taylor@washingtoncountyne.gov
MIKE ANDERSON m.anderson@washingtoncountyne.gov

Resolution to Uphold Zoning and Zoning Enforcement

Washington County Permits

Washington County Building Permit Applications

Zoning Permit Applications

Electrical Permits

Mechanical Permits

Plumbing Permits

Roofing/Siding/Gutter Permits

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